Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Veganism Demonstrated to be Un-Nutrituous,Unsustainable,and Unnatural

In this talk Nutrition expert Dr. Natasha Campbell dispels the Vegan/Vegetarian Psy-Op and proves that the majority of modern maladies (if not all) including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, MS, arteriosclerosis, infertility, etc. are caused by an excess of carbohydrates in the form of processed grains and refined sugars that make up the bulk of people's diets today (which gets converted to sugar or glucose), as opposed to the body's more natural use of saturated fat (and cholesterol) as its primary energy source. This is due to the building up of insulin resistance in the blood which causes glucosis and prolonged inflammation and anything further being stored as fat. Whereas true nutrition comes from animal fats EPA and DHA and the fat soluble nutrients exclusive therein- A, D, E, F, K2, B12, etc. She also demonstrates how modern industrial and commercial annual monocrop agriculture (necessary to sustain vegan, vegetarian or other high carb diets) is destroying the soil and the earth as opposed to say, perennial polycrop biodynamic farming incorporating animal husbandry or roaming/pasturing herds of flocks like in the Bible, as well as periodically resting the soil (land Sabbaths).

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