Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tim Swartz Tesla and Hollow Earth

Tim R. Swartz is an Indiana native and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, and is the author of a number of popular books including The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Secret Black Projects, Men of Mystery: Nikola Tesla and Otis T. Carr, Time Travel: Fact Not Fiction, Richard Shaver-Reality of the Inner Earth, Admiral Byrd's Secret Journey Beyond the Poles, and is a contributing writer for such books as: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The First Ghostbuster,  Brad Steiger's Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Beasts from the Darkside, Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldly Beings and Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places.
As a photojournalist, Tim Swartz has traveled extensively and investigated paranormal phenomena and other unusual mysteries from such diverse locations as the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the Great Wall in China. He has worked with television networks such as PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, Thames-TV and the BBC. He has appeared in the series Contacto Extraterrestre seen on The History Channel Latin America, and episodes of Ancient Aliens.
His articles have been published in magazines such as Mysteries, FATE, Strange, Atlantis Rising, UFO Universe, Flying Saucer Review, Renaissance, and Unsolved UFO Reports. As well, Tim Swartz is the writer and editor of the online newsletter Conspiracy Journal, a free, weekly e-mail newsletter, considered essential reading by paranormal researchers worldwide.

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