Friday, June 16, 2017

The Paranormies Present: The Ahnenerbe Hour S2EP17, The Clinton Scandals Pt. 1

This week we talk about the early days of the Clintons and their crimes and debauchery. We discuss ADFA, White Water, some of the many people that the Clintons had murdered, and the political and business connections that the Clintons made and brought with them to the White House. After the episode as usual, we include at the end an interview with a very special guest: a former associate of Bill Clinton. Involved in drug smuggling and money laundering at the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. Wanted for speaking out against the corruption, he helped produced The Clinton Chronicles and a few books about his experiences. Ladies and gentlemen, Larry Nichols.
Featuring: Johnny Monoxide, Death, Adam Haidt, and Musonius Rufus
First Music Break: Carpenter Brut, Escape From Midwich Valley
Second Music Break: Byron De La vandal, Diddle Ai, Diddle Oh
Creepypasta: Just a Nightmare, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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